This takes a URL, and gives you back the contents and a nice amount of extracted and ML-derived metadata.

The result is specifically formatted to cut/paste into Roam for the Zetteling of your favourite articles.

Here is an example of a URL that definitely works.

WARNING This is very much an Alpha. It might not work for every URL. It might stop working completely. I might break it. It works right now, but even so. Email me if you have nice things to say

The current temporary URL for this is https://jovial-benz-88ed95.netlify.app - this will change


  • July 6 - NEW! You can drag this bookmarklet - ZETTELIFY! - to your bookmarks bar, and clicking on it will send your current page over here. Super useful!
  • July 6 - Given this its own nice domain: zettelify.benhammersley.com
  • July 6 - Now displays the date in a Roam compatible way
  • July 4 - Now displays more than one category/tag (these are the killer feature, imho)

To do:

  • Graceful error handling - currently it crashes if it finds things it is not sure of